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Australia Awards Pacific Scholarships: Alumni Survey 2021

To improve understanding of alumni outcomes and experiences, the Australia Awards Global Tracer Facility (GTF) is running a survey of Australia Awards Pacific Scholarship and Australian Regional Development Scholarship alumni in July 2021. The survey will provide insight into the long-term outcomes of the AAPS and ARDS, with findings to be provided in a region-level and country-level reports. This project will help fill a gap in the knowledge of DFAT and Posts about this particular group of alumni.

The survey is being supported by Posts and managing contractors across the Pacific. We are currently updating our database to ensure we are able to email as many AAPS and ARDS alumni as possible to take part in the survey.

For the project to be successful, we need as many alumni as possible to participate. Invitations to participate in the online survey will be sent by email to individual alumni in July 2021. We would like you to encourage all Australia Awards Pacific alumni to complete the survey.

In advance of the survey, alumni can update their details by following this link:


  1. To improve understanding of the long-term outcomes of alumni of the Australia Awards Pacific Scholarships and Australian Regional Development Scholarships, including:
    • Contributions to development
    • Ongoing connections with each other
    • Connections with Australia and/or Australian organisations
  2. To supplement existing in-country monitoring and evaluation, providing data about alumni long-term outcomes, views and values.
  3. To inform future programming of the AAPS, including alumni engagement and alignment with overall Australia Awards long-term outcomes.

Focus population:

Alumni of Australia Awards Pacific Scholarships and Australian Regional Development Scholarships.

Approach overview:

Data to be collected from alumni through an online survey. This survey will include a range of questions regarding alumni’s experiences and outcomes both on award and post award. The survey will align with the long-term outcomes of the Australia Awards and is likely to have the structure outlined below:

  • Experience on award
    • Engagement, relevance of learning to work and career
  • Contributions post award
    • Use of new knowledge and skills
    • Examples of contributions
  • Connections on and post award
    • Extent to which alumni have formed a connections and partnerships
    • Examples of connections
  • Demographics and characteristics of alumni and their award.